Configuration Set Reference Support

This example shows how to create an RTDB or generate SimWB-compliant code for a Simulink® model that uses configuration set reference.

Configuration Set Reference

A configuration set reference in a model is the use of a Simulink.Configset object to store the configuration settings for a model. This object is stored in the MATLAB® base workspace while the model is open. This feature allows you to: reuse the same configuration settings in multiple models; change the configuration sets for multiple models without modifying the models; and, use different configuration sets for a referenced model without modifying the model.

The MLToolkit allows you to create an RTDB and generate SimWB-compliant code for a model that uses configuration set reference.


The workflow for generating an RTDB or SimWB-compliant code for a model that uses configuration set reference is the same as the workflow for a model that doesn't use this feature.

The MLToolkit includes a set of models that use configuration set reference - ccur_configsetref_top, ccur_configsetref_sub1, and ccur_configsetref_sub2. The "top" model references the two "sub" models. All three models reference the configuration set, configSetObj, that is stored in a helper MAT file, ccur_configsetref_data. Use the workflow described in this example to generate code for ccur_configsetref_top.

See ccur_configsetref_top

Note: These models were created using MATLAB R2013b (8.2). They are best viewed in this release or higher.


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